"...changed my entire view of religion and God."
"I feel like a thousand pounds has been lifted from me."

Bringing Hell and Mr. Fudge to your community

From northern Maine to southern California, from Alaska to Florida, audiences have laughed and cried and been inspired by this heartwarming and engaging portrayal of Edward Fudge, his search for truth, and his struggle against narrow-minded and biased traditionalism.

LLT Productions continues to offer Hell and Mr. Fudge for public exhibition. Our staff can walk you through the process of working with theaters and other venues. Materials are available for advertising and promotion. Read the information below and see for yourself how you can bring this award-winning film to your area.


Most of the big theater chains show only first-run films. Locally owned theaters are more likely venues for Hell and Mr. Fudge. There can still be some red tape, but the LLT Productions staff can help you with the technicalities. Most movie theaters are happy to rent their facilities for private events like movie screenings, business meetings and even church services.

Theater rentals are negotiated between the local church or other group and the theater management. If the theater offers an hourly rate, rental terms should allow for movie run time of 95 minutes plus time for Q&A, etc.

We recommend renting for multiple screenings on different days. Word-of-mouth advertising can help build attendance after the first showing.

Income from ticket sales will help cover theater rental costs and other expenses. Most theaters don't sell tickets for private events. Same with schools, libraries, etc. Fortunately, there are good options for handling ticket sales. Online ticketing is easy to set up using sites like brownpapertickets.com and eventbrite.com. Tickets can also be sold at friendly local retail and office locations, by mail, and by phone. Church or other group members can purchase blocks of tickets so they can take friends and family to the screenings.


You can screen Hell and Mr. Fudge in non-theater venues like churches, school auditoriums, libraries, museums, etc. The $120 film rental fee covers four screenings within a four-week period. You can purchase a new DVD of the film or use a previously purchased copy. You can charge admission or take donations to cover the film rental and to support local projects such as your church school, Pathfinder Club, etc.



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